Ultra soft microfiber anti slip play mat

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Ultra soft microfiber anti slip play mat

Front fiber:100% polyester microfiber

Structure:TPR backing+ 100gsm PP base fabric +front fiber

Pile height:0.6-4cm

Density of front fiber:450-2000gsm

Backing: TPR

TPR density:650-1000gsm

Edge:overlocking,tape binding

Available sizes: diameter in 90cm,100cm,110cm,120cm or 150cm etc


Pattern:plain pattern,plain with woven design,embossing pattern,high low pattern,printed pattern

Applications:play mat

Friendly,Ultra soft,Wearable,Antibacterial,Non-slip backing,Super absorbent,Machine washable

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The fluffy play mat is very beautiful, it can easily match any living room, bring a charming and dreamy feeling to your family, multiple sizes are essential for any style of space.


The non-slip backing is made of high-quality TPR material, which prevents the mat from moving and slipping, provides stability when play on it, and provides better safety for families with children or family members.

Complete production process: fabric, cutting, sewing, inspect, packaging,warehouse.


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